Meet Our Elders

The highest functioning authority of our church is the Board of Elders. Elders are elected by church members and, along with the Lead Pastor, provide oversight of the ministry and operation of Grande Prairie Alliance Church. The Elders' serve terms are indicated in brackets.

  Rick Friesen  Chair (2017-2020)

Rick Friesen
Chair (2017-2020)

  Gerald Lux  Vice-Chair (2018)

Gerald Lux
Vice-Chair (2018)

  Del Davis  Treasurer (2017-2020)

Del Davis
Treasurer (2017-2020)

  Shawn Dyrkach  Secretary (2018)

Shawn Dyrkach
Secretary (2018)

  Mark van der Raadt  Elder (2015-2018)

Mark van der Raadt
Elder (2015-2018)

  Arny Dyck  Elder (2016-2019)

Arny Dyck
Elder (2016-2019)

  Cory Schartner  Elder (2017-2020)

Cory Schartner
Elder (2017-2020)

  John Mayer  Elder (2016-2018)

John Mayer
Elder (2016-2018)

  Mark Foreman  Elder (2016-2019)

Mark Foreman
Elder (2016-2019)