Conquer Series

5 Week information & Awareness on the impact of porn

Learn about the impact of pornography and the issue of sexual addiction. This FREE informational and awareness five-week class is open to men and women, whether you struggle with porn or want to learn why pornography is harmful. 

There's no pressure to talk openly or share. It's simply a time to learn the science between our brain and pornography, and how to overcome/prevent the devastating affects of porn.


  • January 27 - February 24, 2019

  • 9:15-10:45 am

  • at Grande Prairie Alliance Church

  • in the Red Room

  • Cost: Free


WEEK 1: Understanding the Battlefield
Understanding the battlefield is the first key to winning the war for sexual purity. You will discover hell’s strategies and be introduced to the four components of the noose of sexual bondage. Learn the first key steps to freedom and how to stay pure.

WEEK 2: The Mission
The key to lasting freedom is to cut the noose of bondage. We will examine further the four components to the noose and God’s strategies and weapons to freedom. Find out why trying harder doesn’t work and discover a new way of thinking.

WEEK 3: The Battle of the Brain
Why is it that so many men can’t stop their behaviour? The entire battle for purity takes place within 8 inches of grey matter: the brain. Knowing where the battle takes place is crucial to every man’s victory. We will look at how sexual bondage starts out as moral issue, but quickly turns into a brain problem that keeps men hooked for life.

WEEK 4: Renewing the Mind
We will study the neurochemistry of addiction to see how men get hooked on pornography; why premarital sex is wrong; and the science of neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to transform throughout life. We will learn that science corroborates what Scripture says. We also discuss the importance of accountability and discipleship, because men cannot win this battle alone.

WEEK 5: Strongholds of the Enemy
Sexual bondage is driven by the fact that men are dealing with a hijacked brain, which is why they will have to work hard at recalibrating and reprogramming their brain to purposefully break down the strongholds that have them chained. We will examine two major strongholds that keep men in the cycle of bondage: your arousal template, which are your sexual triggers; and your trauma profile, which are the wounded areas of your life.